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Hello, I'm Sara

I'm a Copenhagen-based Project Manager.

I'm crazy about good stories, passionate people
and pizzas on Sundays.

I work at Spring/Summer and
I like posting inspiring stuff on The Inspiration.

Besides that I sometimes post pizza photos and other things I love on Instagram.





I am a Project Manager greatly skilled within all parts of the proces from receiving the brief, making a pitch and to execution and documentation.

I enjoy being part of the whole proces of a campaign or project; from creative processes, strategy, analysis and concept developments to the structured, nitpicky part with Excel sheets, Post-its and to-do lists to control the process.


Since my parents' neighbor taught me how to write on a computer when I was aged 5, I've had a deep interest for everything digital.

This means that I try to include digital and social media in all communication I do.  

As every other Millenial the Internet is what I'm living for. I believe that digital and engaging platforms is a must for all sorts of advertising.


With a deep interest for a and background within graphic design and several years' education I can make pitch presentations extra sexy.

I can too ensure that both digital and printed productions meet their media's requirements, such as colour profiles and dimensions. Also I can be a great part of the production - from creating the graphics to having them printed.


I am very experienced within event management - from preproduction, such as detailed planning, to execution on location of the event. I am also experienced within post-production concerning documentation and reporting. 

I've been a part of managing both events from a couple of hours with 50 guests to 4-day festivals with +10.000 guests.

This means too that I am eminently qualified to be a part of the party committee and an obvious Friday's bar planner.


During my previous job working at a trade advertising agency I have started to love trade campaigns.

I am sure that if we can convince the consumers to buy a specific product on the shopping location via POS, we can create a preference in the buying situations henceforward and  loyal customers too.

I believe in building strong market positions for brands to sell more products, win market shares and recruit new costumers - and that's what it's all about.


To sum up I am experienced within a broad field of marketing and advertising activities - you can call me a communications ninja, and I fight any obstacles skillfully!

I believe that a great Project Manager is not only managing processes and budgets, but also taking part of the creative developments.

I know, that my forces lie with creative processes, crazy ideas and tons of post-its too!