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Hello, I'm Sara!


Hello, I'm Sara!

I have worked with marketing, digital and e-Commerce for since 2008.


I have an educational background within Business Communications and design. I’ve always known, that I wanted to deal with communications, in one way or another.


During most of my teenage years I was deadly sure, that I was going communicate visually as a Graphic Designer. I applied for the different creative schools in Denmark as soon as I was old enough, and spent 6 months studying Visual Communication at a the alternative education establishment Krabbesholm, to get even better.

As I wasn't accepted to the creative schools at that time, I applied for a volunteer position at the creative agency and webshop ArtRebels, and through the more than 5 years, I ended up being here, I found out that I was so much better communicating the written way - and not the visual way.

So in 2010 I ended up studying International Business Communication and English at Copenhagen Business School.

I have with my experience and education learned to facilitate creative and communication processes to create a really strong message and tell good stories.


I love working strategi and hands-on with e-commerce management, campaign planning, concept and strategy development along with a secret predilection for party planning and event management.